Our Filmfestival


Does freedom of art still exist? Sure, to be incarcerated for a film or a poem would be totally twentieth century. We don't do that anymore.

Today we have a different approach: "Of course you can say your opinion openly, you just have to deal with the consequences."

At Point Zero such thinly veiled threats simply fade away - we play by our own rules.

We give shelter to anyone who wants to create freely. Furthermore we will not waste the time of visitors and participants by regurgitating the hypocritical and empty phrases of today's cultural industry.

Preaching inclusion, tolerance and open-mindedness -
in reality excluding everything, that doesn't fit into a strict narrative.

Still, we are happy to receive films that suck up to the zeitgeist - to shower them with prizes like other festivals might do, that we cannot guarantee.

Ultimately, our festival is akin to the ancient greek olympics: Only the best will be awarded - the best, the most beautiful and entertaining films. No minority fads, no artscene circle jerk, no bullshit, but good prize money. So use your artistic intuition and have the courage to tell stories. Because:

At Point Zero nothing exists.

Just a vacuum,
that is to be filled.